The core of our values is centred on Venture Philanthropy – everything we do is based around service to humanity, whilst achieving positive commercial outcomes. This has so far been illustrated by our endeavours to provide affordable housing for our local communities as well our social economical action projects, at home and abroad.

Our expertise and track record of success, includes the delivery of 58 new homes, across 5 strategic project locations, to the Western Australian Government’s Department of Communities.

Jonescorp is based in Perth, our innovative and dedicated team integrate their knowledge, values and creativity in a global and outward-looking way, resulting in the culmination of uniquely different homes.

Founded in 2013, we have the knowledge, experience & industry relationships that has demonstrated our ability to consistently deliver superior outcomes for our clients, partners and investors, regardless of market conditions.

With almost 20 years experience in finance and investment markets, great emphasis is placed on the intrinsic investment value & growth opportunities of the properties we deliver to our clients.

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